We, JGLL- will run your entire warehouse logistics system: Order processing, Pack-and-Pick, barcode scanning, inventory management, customs storage, labelling, Qc Demonstration place and much more…
Pack and Pick is a part of a comprehensive supply chain management process that is generally used in, but not limited to, the retail distribution of goods. We find a solutions for everything – even packaging & picking. We can provide export, heavy-duty transport, container and dangerous goods packaging. If required, we can produce custom-made designs….

  • Full packing & security taping
  • Arranging product collection and returns
  • Manage ex - factory presentation/flows & Price labelling
  • Security tag fixing & Brand labelling/de-labelling
  • Bulk Pick and sorting
  • Customized Pack & Pick Solutions

Also, We JGLL- can offer you extra security by storing, packing & picking your goods in hermetically sealed high-security bonded storage that is: Quality Controlled Platform place where only examined personnel are allowed for the access and ensure the best in class facility with in warehouse so that, Customer can get all the facility in hand. This also enable to Customer to properly manage their shipment on time but cutting lead time for transferring cargo from QC facility to warehouse.
We know that you are trusting something valuable into our keeping. Therefore, trust and reliability are particularly important to us. After all, we can only be successful if you are… QC Demonstration place includes:

  • 24/7 security
  • Fully air condition work place
  • QC facility within warehouse
  • Dryer, washing machine & Needle detector machine
  • Dedicated Work Station.