JGLL- Contains both Domestic and International/air freight Courier delivers, Import, Export, Cross -Trade Services. The specialists at JGLL- are at hand at any time in situations such as these! We develop quick solutions that can also include our Xpress Service, if required.
JGLL- will develop the appropriate transportation solution for your specific case requirements:

  • No matter if it’s a document or product or any of Sample - We will ensure that you receive your delivery as quickly as possible.
  • When you select a Courier delivery with Xpress service, we will send your Products, Documents, Spare parts, any of Samples; etc. that you require at short notice and as quickly as possible.
  • We act quickly when it really matters and assist you whenever you need us and you can count on the commitment of our X-press Experts who value your time as highly as their own.
  • In an emergency, we pull out all the stops: We will send experienced on-board couriers to you on a direct, scheduled or charter flight without any detours to anywhere in the world within 72-96 hours.
  • We are available for you 24 hours and provide fast and efficient Logistics/Courier/X-press services at any time.
  • Just in time is not just an expression for us – we find the solution for you whatever you need.
  • JGLL is familiar with all ways of transportation and knows all means of transport inclusive special equipment. JGLL - is monitoring every shipment proactively.

JGLL- We deliver but you can rely and trace & track your shipment by using our track-and-trace system, at any time and check the delivery status.