Such a Company of specialized in handling Fashion apparel & Textiles Logistics JGLL- GOH service know – how to extends from Shipping regular “Garments on Hanger” ( GOH )- merchandise such as long dress, nightgown & silk wears, Outfit & Jackets, garments with bubble sheet or outer carton packing, JGLL – invests comprehensively on equipment which enables us to ship the garments on hanger ( GOH ) merchandises as of condition displaying on inside the final store of Location :

  • Picking-up of garments on hangers from factory with special equipped trucks protected by electronic surveillance devices
  • Unloading of the garments at its own warehouses and checking
  • Storage of garments in dedicated GOH areas able to guarantee garments perfect condition with electronic anti-theft and anti fire devices, surveillance systems, internal and external CCTV
  • Preparation and loading of air, sea containers, or specially equipped trucks in the case of transport by road, carried out by specialized personnel

And we have been innovative in providing customized services to apparel customers and maximum benefits in terms of services:

  • 20GP – Standard 11 Bar / Customized 40 Bar
  • 40GP - – Standard 22 Bar / Customized 80 Bar
  • 40HQ – Standard 22 Bar / Customized 80 Bar

# Use special Belts for better protection and extra utility

  • LD3
  • LD 7
  • LD 9
  • MI 1

# Due to lack of airline units, we also provide locally fictitious Aluminium / Plywood boxes of various sizes to meet customer necessities.